Recorder Consort

*Rehearsals ongoing now. Feel free to attend*

The idea to form a recorder ensemble came about on the 2008 music camp. It was originally thought to be a silly idea, however it turned out that quite a few of us used to play the recorder and thought the idea had more merit than it was originally given. Many members hadn’t played recorder for a number of years, but after a few rehearsals the group soon found it’s way back into it’s recorder groove, and it wasn’t long at all before some good music was coming from the group.

The recorder consort first performed at the end of year concert in 2008, and has been performing at all our major events since. The group has grown. but new members are always welcome. If you don’t play recorder, never fear; it’s fairly easy to pick up and we’re more than willing to help you learn. So if you play any sort of recorder, big or small, or if you would like to, let us know!

The RMIT recorder consort is a proud member of the Victorian Recorder Guild.

  • Conductor:┬áDamien Melis
  • Group representative: Damien Melis
  • Rehearsal time:┬áContact us for information
  • Founded: 2008