Semester 1 Concert

RMIT Music presents its Semester 1 Concert for 2013.  We invite you to join in the celebration of 10 years of RMIT Music.

The Concert will be held on Friday May 17th from 7pm in Kaleide Theatre.

It will feature performances of many styles from the Collective’s ensembles which include:

  • ROCS
  • Stage Band
  • Concert Band
  • Recorder Consort
  • String Ensemble

There is no cost for entry with refreshments provided at interval.  We look forward to seeing you there.

You can join the event at:!/events/364044910367305/

RMIT Music- Concert 2012

String Ensemble

 RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (4)

RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (2)
Stage Band

A Couple Of Rehearsal Cancellations

It is sad, but we must cancel our first scheduled Stage Band rehearsal (tonight, 20/2) as so few can attend.

Also, as Herr Conductor will be out of town, there will be no Concert Band rehearsal next Monday (25/2).

The Rehearsal Timetable has been updated to reflect these changes, so be sure to refer to it if you are unsure about when and where things are happening.

More Rehearsals Resuming

What’s this? More rehearsals?!

But of course! Next week our Concert and Stage bands will be resuming rehearsals.

Concert Band will resume on Monday the 18th at 6PM in 57.4.1. As always we’ll be heading to The Oxford Scholar afterwards to take advantage of their $12 parma and their plentiful drinks.

Stage Band will be resuming Wednesday the 18th at 6:30PM, also in 57.4.1. We don’t have any after rehearsal tradition/rituals as of yet, but there’s no reason we couldn’t start. Voice your suggestions at the rehearsal.

Be sure to practice your long tones and we’ll see you all there next week!