RMIT String Ensemble – Rehearsals Start 14th June and other News

Hi to all,

Firstly, for those who are unaware, RMIT String Ensemble are still running rehearsals. We will return to rehearsals on Friday the 14th of June from 6 pm. The later time is to accommodate the Recorder Ensemble at 5 pm.

Secondly, We are preparing our music section for the end of year concert which will be awesome.

Thirdly, the group is looking for more members especially anyone who plays Violin and Viola, although any other instrument (cello & double bass) are still welcomed. So if you play a string instrument you are more than welcomed to join our ensemble.

We look forward to seeing you to play wonderful music.

Recorder Day Change!?!

Hey there citizens of RMI T Music,

The Recorder Consort is moving.

Where you say?

Not where but when, we are doing a bit of ‘time travelling’ and moving to Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm before Strings (the consort has agreed, with one person wanting the move, and everyone else apathetic, so complete agreement).

But when does this magical event take place?

I’m glad you asked. The 3rd of June shall be our last Monday, and then the 14th shall be the beginning of the new time.

So for the forseable future, it shall be as if we have Friday on our minds.

Recorders are back!!

Hello there denizens of RMIT Music,

After a week of rest the Recorder Consort is back in action, and we shall be practicing a plethora of material, some for fun, some for camp (the event, not the aesthetic sensibility), and some for the Showcase Concert.

What shall be inflicted on the Consort? 

To find the answer you just have to come and see…

5pm Mondays (with the possibility to extend past the normal 6ish finish pending Concert Band inaction).

Semester 1 Concert

RMIT Music presents its Semester 1 Concert for 2013.  We invite you to join in the celebration of 10 years of RMIT Music.

The Concert will be held on Friday May 17th from 7pm in Kaleide Theatre.

It will feature performances of many styles from the Collective’s ensembles which include:

  • ROCS
  • Stage Band
  • Concert Band
  • Recorder Consort
  • String Ensemble

There is no cost for entry with refreshments provided at interval.  We look forward to seeing you there.

You can join the event at:!/events/364044910367305/

RMIT Music- Concert 2012

String Ensemble

 RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (4)

RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (2)
Stage Band

Trivia Night!

Trivia Night is back in 2013!

After the runaway success of last year’s event this is now a staple among the collective’s social events.

Date: Friday 19 April
Time: 7pm
Where: The Music Room (Building 57, Level 4, Room 1)
Cost: $10

We will have drinks and some snack foods provided on the night

So get your brains ready, as everything from music to movies and everything else pop culture will be thrown at you. Come along for a fun night out!

You can join the event at!/events/623276121033279/

Meet and Greet

Come along  to the Music room, located in at the RMIT City Campus in Building 57, Level 4, Room 1 on Friday, March 8th from 6pm for an evening of meet and greet for our new and current members.

For new members this is a chance to navigate your way to our room of wonder, bring along a friend you might think would also be interested, meet our current members and ask them any questions about this group and our adventures.

Current members an opportunity to catch up with old friends, bring a new friend, remember where we live, have a wonderful evening and congratulate our Jason award winners.

Entry is free for new members and $5 for current members with food and drink provided.

Join the event on Facebook at: