Welcome to 2018

RMIT Music is looking forward to start up again this year.
Concert Band rehearsals are every Wednesday from 5pm-6:30pm
Chamber Orchestra rehearsals are every Friday from 6pm-8pm

Stage Band is looking for a manager to run the ensemble. If you are interested and are a student at RMIT contact us.

Rehearsals are held in Building 12 Level 3 Room 97, just off Swanston St.

Looking forward for a great year.

New rehearsal location

RMIT Music has moved to a new temporary location.
All rehearsals will now be held in the following room:
Building 12 Level 3 Room 97

For ROCS please see there facebook page for their rehearsal location. https://www.facebook.com/RMITOccasionalChoralSociety/

Semester 1 Rehearsal Camp

For Semester 1 camp we will be staying at the Rubicon Campus, leaving from the RMIT Music room on Friday March 21st and returning on Sunday March 23rd.

Be prepared for a fun time of socialising and rehearsing. There are many fun things planned and to find out what they are, you’ll just have to come and see for your self.

This semester’s theme is Animals so come dressed up in your greatest animal-like costume.

This is a fully catered camp with transport and accommodation included, the cost is $50 for RMIT Student and $60 for non-RMIT students. You will need to pay for camp via UNIONE http://rmitlink.rmit.edu.au/

We will self cater so fill out the Medical Form to ensure we know what you can eat.

Bring along board games, warm clothing, toiletries, instruments, bed linen (sheets, sleeping bags pillows and pillow cases) and sleeping attire.

Semester 2 Camp

For Semester 2 Performance camp we will be staying a Whitehall Guesthouse (http://www.whitehallqueenscliff.com.au/), as in the past we will self cater and all linen is provided.

We have 4 performances booked, each approximately an hour long.
Friday 11:30am- Tate Street Primary Street in Geelong
Friday 2:00pm- Point Lonsdale Primary School
Saturday 1:30pm- TLC Retirement Village, Wallington
Saturday 3:30pm- Leopold Lodge Aged Care Facility, Leopold

We will be wearing RMIT Music Polos (available online at UNIONE) with jeans for these performances.

Camp theme: PJs!

You need to purchase the camp through UNIONE and please ensure you fill out the medical form on the RMIT Music website

Semester 2 Camp Running Sheet

Semester 1 Concert for 2013

Congratulations to all who performed in the Semester 1 Concert for RMIT Music in 2013.  Thank you for all your time and efforts over the Semester and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

To the audience members, we hope you had a wonderful evening and thank you for attending we hope that we will see again soon.

  • Stage Band
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Band
  • Life membership- Ben Batt
  • Recorder Consort

Recorder Day Change!?!

Hey there citizens of RMI T Music,

The Recorder Consort is moving.

Where you say?

Not where but when, we are doing a bit of ‘time travelling’ and moving to Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm before Strings (the consort has agreed, with one person wanting the move, and everyone else apathetic, so complete agreement).

But when does this magical event take place?

I’m glad you asked. The 3rd of June shall be our last Monday, and then the 14th shall be the beginning of the new time.

So for the forseable future, it shall be as if we have Friday on our minds.

Semester 1 Concert

RMIT Music presents its Semester 1 Concert for 2013.  We invite you to join in the celebration of 10 years of RMIT Music.

The Concert will be held on Friday May 17th from 7pm in Kaleide Theatre.

It will feature performances of many styles from the Collective’s ensembles which include:

  • ROCS
  • Stage Band
  • Concert Band
  • Recorder Consort
  • String Ensemble

There is no cost for entry with refreshments provided at interval.  We look forward to seeing you there.

You can join the event at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/364044910367305/

RMIT Music- Concert 2012

String Ensemble

 RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (4)

RMIT Music- Concert 2012 (2)
Stage Band